-you are/support pedos/maps

-you dont support the lgbtq+ community

-you dont support blm or acab

you support/are friends with Irish Brick/IrishBricky/irlfloyd. current friends are fine but are on sort of thin ice.

you support/are friends with shark_geist/fungibrew/other names im not aware of.

-youre a truscum

-you dont support neopronouns

-youre an incel

-you like/constantly post about friday night funkin and/or picos school(i have like two exceptions fuck off)

-you support loli/shota

-you support kalvin garrah or blaire white

-you dont think fiction affects reality

-youre just gross in general

if youre any of these and u interact itll end up in a block. i dont tolerate people like you